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Hello and welcome to Hanna is Not a Boy's Name Fanfiction!

As the name implies, we are a group dedicated to gathering fanfiction based on the lovely webcomic by miss vert-is-ninja, aka Tessa Stone. We are also dedicated to gathering up the writers of said fanfiction so people can meet, exchange fics, read, give feedback and above all else, have fun. Because hey, we're all nerds, we may as well have one big party about it. If you're a writer of HiNaBN fanfiction or even if you just enjoy reading it, this group is for you.

...I'm sure you're thrilled. Or, alternatively, you are all "oh God another club" but whatever.

Guidelines for all Fanfiction Submissions & Suggestions for Members

:bulletblue: There are no limitations on submission content. Anything and everything is allowed, just be sure to provide appropriate warnings and flag mature content as needed. Use your own discretion for this, we're not exactly going to be policing your fics, it's just common courtesy.

:bulletblue: Please try to keep your fics in the proper sections. If you have a question about where your fic should go, feel free to send us a note and ask!

:bulletblue: There is no limitation on number of submissions, nor are we going to attack you for some invisible quality standard. Again, use your own judgment.

:bulletblue: A WARNING TO THOSE NEW TO THE FANDOM: Slash is very, very popular. There is also a large amount of lovely gen work and I would definitely recommend taking a look anyway, but you've been warned. Checking the artist's notes before you read might be a good idea.

:bulletblue: When reading, you don't have to leave a comment, but keep in mind that people tend to work very hard on these things, and even something as simple as "I really liked this" can be a huge encouragement.

:bulletred: New! We do have one submission guideline: Please no troll fics. I know fanfiction isn't exactly what one would call serious writing, but we would prefer to avoid troll fics. If we have reason to believe your fic is a troll fic, it will be removed.

All right, I do believe that's it. Other guidelines may be added as necessary, and if anything is added we'll mention it in the blog.

Fanfiction submissions aside, there will also be other awesome things coming for this group!

Contests: We will be having contests based around all sorts of things, which means prizes and recognition!

Group Chats We're potentially looking at having some sort of chat for HiNaBN fanfic writers, so be on the look out!

Features!: Every week we will be featuring three fanfics that we feel are some of the best in the fandom. These fics will be nominated by you, the members! If you can think of a fic that you would like to see here, please note the group with a link and a blurb about why the fic should be nominated and it will be featured! :3

I do believe that's it for now. We're a new group and we're just getting started, but for what it's worth I'm hoping this should be an awesome thing for everyone.. soo... yes, welcome!
...unless you aren't from the USA, in which case, happy... er... week?

But yeah, hey, it's that holiday in the United States where we're supposed to be thankful, so we're gonna do that... with a prompt, yeeeaah!

This Week's Prompt: Gratitude

Pretty obvious, but hey. Is Conrad grateful that Worth keeps giving him blood? Is Toni grateful people came to her performance? Hanna is just grateful that he has friends? Or hell, you could turn it into something bitter... maybe someone's grateful someone else is gone? Roll with it!


This Week's Feature:

Up in Smoke by DesdemonaKakalose desdemonakakalose.deviantart.c…

The first fire went up at six, and Worth walked up the abandoned fire escape to the top of his building to watch it, sat on the edge of the roof with his shoes hanging over the alley, and cracked open a beer. Part of him would have liked to be out there, participatin' in some anarchy, as it were, but something kept him tied to the building. Project Mayhem was better left to people with nothing to live for—Worth didn't need a cause, didn't need to prove anything to anyone.

Besides. Somebody might come by.

If you haven't read this fic already, you need to this second. It is absolutely fantastic. This was recommended to me by another member and my God. A Hannapocalypse fanfic, this fic is mainly ConWorth bromance-unless-you-wanna-squint-at-it and it's absolutely riveting, though we catch glimpses of the rest of the cast. Fantastic writing with just a touch of Fight Club to it, amazing characterizations and the greatest Worth I've ever had the pleasure to read... well, my words really can't do this justice. Just read it.

And that's all I've got for this week. Have fun guys~!
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Like Hanna is Not a Boy's Name? Like reading and/or writing fanfiction? This group is for you!
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Hn... you know what would be really amazing? if the character studies could be split up into different characters. PLEAAASE can this happen?
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Hiya, would you like to affiliate with our group? :iconjustbetweenus:
We're brand new. ^^; And it's our first group.
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Episode 2 of Hanna is Not a Boy's name is now up and running! :D

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Hey! EPisode one of Hanna is not a boy's name is up! Episode two will be up next week! :D

bobby-brown45 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
I have a fic that I think was very well done and nicely cracky and sweet and deserves to be featured. [link]
From the description it was co-written by the author and her friend one night. It's the right combination of humour, fluff, crack and guesses for the future of the comic. It's mostly gen though there are hints of ConWorth in it. :)
XTheAuthoressX Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll note Digi with it and we'll go from there!
bobby-brown45 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
Awesome. :)
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